Why You Should Always Use Products Made with Sustainably-Sourced Palm Oil

Why You Should Always Use Products Made with Sustainably-Sourced Palm Oil


Reading the labels on the foods you buy to the skincare products you use on your body, you’re likely to find palm oil listed. It’s in just about everything you can imagine. In fact, if you were to go through your home right now and read the labels on your toothpaste and soap or in your pantry, you’ll see it there.


That’s because palm oil is a very efficient oil, and obviously quite versatile too. The oil palm trees produce more oil, around 10 times more per hectare than other crops. The demand for it is huge and continues to grow all the time.


Despite having a many beautiful benefits, there’s something very ugly about using palm oil. True that it has created work for millions, it threatens the local people and wildlife in the countries where the majority of the world’s oil palms are grown. Those countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, have endured deforestation, draining of peat lands, planting oil palms on those lands, and disputes with the rural communities that large producers consider “in the way” of their palm oil plans.


Instead, many organizations are fighting back by creating sustainable palm oil. The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) found that it not only protects the environment, but using sustainable palm oil is good for a company’s bottom line. Because it makes businesses profitable without harming the environment or the people in it, the WWF is out to spread the word so consumers can make the right choices.


Many palm oil producers have jumped on the bandwagon to adopt policies that advocate for no deforestation, peat development, or exploitation, denoted with the acronym NDPE. What’s more, many businesses are choosing these producers to supply them with the palm oil needed to create their products.


Among them, Soak Brand is devoted to providing 100% natural body care with ethical ingredients in every bar of soap, container of bath salts, lotions, and more. Soak Brand believes in helping support the environment to create a brighter future for everyone while delivering clean, refreshed, and smoothed skin.


Proudly made in America and free from harsh chemicals, you’ll be making a smarter choice when you buy soaps from Soak Brand. Only sustainable palm oil is ever used to create our handmade soaps. Commercially-produced soaps contains chemicals and detergents, but all natural and organic Soak Brand soaps are pure.


Make the world a better place and enjoy better skin by choosing Soak Brand for your skincare needs!